Dienstag, 28. August 2012


Making my room..erm..flat inhabitable again takes much longer than I first thought. The floor and the walls are done, my furniture is back in place but there's still something to do: now it means to sort things in and sort things out; each of the small little pieces helping me manage daily life wants to be put back in its place, most of them just stealing space...Hope I'll be done with that soon.

Freitag, 24. August 2012


Dear (non-existent) readers, I apologize for my absence from this blog. I'm renovating my flat (consisting of  only one room) at the moment and neither got the time nor the constant internet access to post here..I'll be back soon and might give you some insights into the results of this week's hard work then.

Freitag, 3. August 2012

Summerhow Sad


I got this summertime-, summertime sadness for some special reason. The weather is not to blame, though, for once. Sun is sending his provoking smile through my window, transforming my intention to sit in front of the PC and feed my blog with some new input into a hard challenge. If it weren't for the fun of learning bits about html-codes (- no, no sarcasm in here-) I'd be long gone...somewhere outside, drowning my evil mood in self-made ice-tea.
The weather on the day, these photos were taken, wasn't less splendid than it is now - first real vital sign of summer actually. I spent the time hurrying from appointment to a appointment with still another friend and enjoyed reanimating my social life. A real fun day after all!  It's probably due to my current mood that this does not really show in the I  pictures chose to post: those are rather dark and shady and I don't look quite happy on them. There were loads of other ones, not taken against the sun and at moments, when I was smiling, though. I'll be giving some evidence of that later. But for now, I like these shady pictures, even if they appear a bit pale and lack some contrast. Maybe, if I can take the time, I'll post some edited versions. I'm also going to add some other pictures soon, so keep an eye on this place. In the meantime, you might want to give me your priceless advice on the picture, I'm planning to post on lookbook.nu next: